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<3 = I’m falling for you.

:) = I wanna cuddle up with you while watching movie.

;) = I like you a lot.

:( = You should talk to me more.

:D = You’re sexy/beautiful.

;O = I want to be best friends.

:P = I want you more than anything.

:K = Kiss me.

:| = You annoy me.

* = We need to make out!

<*3 = I want a relationship with you.

8D = I want to do sexual things with you.

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This was just the cherry on the top of everything..
Can I switch schools… Please..

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do you ever feel the urge to slam your face on the desk but you don’t because it would hurt

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I wanna be that one girl who looks really cute but also gives off the vibe that she could snap your neck if you disrespect her like is that possible for me

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i feel like i lose all my friends slowly like yeah were still friends but each day we talk less until we become strangers again

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ll.ove.  20XX Forever


// ソフトゲットー soft ghetto //

wtf is soft ghetto

types of heartbreak

letlive.Colorado Springs, CO11/30/13


gettin real tired of my own bullshit

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Wouldn’t it be cool if someone actually cared about you the way you did for them

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this is literally happening right now and i wish i could enjoy it
Nothing can wear you out like caring about people. S.E. Hinton, That Was Then, This Is Now (via whitebeyonce) 169,323 notes

Mayday Parade- If You Can’t Live Without Me